How it works

Adding Trendpeek to your chart

If you are new to Trading view and don’t know how to add an invite-only script to your chart. Following steps will help you.

  1. Click on Indicators and Strategies icon located at the top of the Trading View chart.
  2. A window will appear showing all the public and invite-only indicators and strategies.
  3. Click on Invite-only scripts and select Trendpeek_V1.
  4. Now Trendpeek indicator is added to your chart. You can find it below the chart title.

(Make sure your Trading View ID is allowed to access Trendpeek)

Setting alerts

Setting alerts on TradingView is very helpful for traders. It is convenient to add an alert on a chart than waiting for a Buy signal. Trendpeek allows you to add alerts on its Buy and Sell signal with just few clicks.

Following are the steps to add Trendpeek signal alerts.

  1. Select Alerts in the sidebar and click on Create alert button. Or press the Alt + A.
  2. A create alert window will appear. Select Trendpeek_V1 and Buy Signal/Sell Signal in condition.
  3. Set other options, time, and actions then press create.
  4. Your alert is now created for the selected chart and timeframe. You can find your alert at alerts list.

Trendpeek settings

Trendpeek has an auto factoring algorithm, therefore user does not need to adjust the factor for everychart. To maintain the ease of use and minimize complexity, very few settings are available to the user.

How to open settings.

  1. Click on settings icon on Trendpeek indicator toolbar below Chart title.
  2. Select inputs to turn on/off Trendpeek features.
  3. Press Ok

BTC.D PROTECTION: Most of the Altcoins are highly correlated to Bitcoin Dominance, this function analyzes the Bitcoin dominance’s trend and gives input for overall decision making. This function is useful to identify Altcycles.
Backtesting results show that Alts trading during downtrend of Bitcoin Dominance is more profitable.

This feature works best during overall market appreciation. If Altcoin is surging based on strong fundamentals or upcoming updates/news. It is best to turn off this protection.

#Note: This function is for Altcoins only do not use it for Bitcoin or other Markets.

SUPPORT & RESISTANCE: Price tends to bounce from Support and Resistance levels. If a level brakes, the price moves quickly to the next Support or Resistance level. Chart’s price also retests the previous Support or Resistance levels. Therefore, they can also serve as entry or exit points.

These levels are drawn when a Buy/Sell signal is generated. Trendpeek sets the last Pivot point as Horizontal Support/Resistance.

SHOW_TD9: Based on TD sequential, this signals a TD9 candle. In TD sequential, If the price shows nine consecutive candles above or below the closure of four candles prior, a TD9 is formed, which indicates trend reversal or 2-4 candles correction. This signal can be traded or used as profit taking opportunity.

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