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High performance

Trendpeek analyzes multiple indicators for maximum performance decision making.

Maximize gain

Maximize your profits by identifying uptrend and cut your losses with sell signals.

real-time Alerts

Save your time by setting automated real-time Alerts on Trading View for Trendpeek Buy Sell signals.

BTC.D PRotection

Protection for Altcoins when Bitcoin dominance is in uptrend.

Beginner friendly

No special skills required to use Trendpeek. Very easy to use for new traders.

No additional cost

Trendpeek indicator can be used on basic Trading View account. There are no additional costs for using Trendpeek.


Results gererated after 2018


1D chart - long and short


4H chart - long and short


1D chart - Long only - BTC.D Protected


4H chart - Long only - BTC.D Protected



Most frequent questions and answers

Trendpeek make use of a number of indicators to generate Buy Sell signals. It allows user to position Long/Short when trend changes.

Trendpeek is an invite-only indicator on Trading View. You have to provide your Trading View ID and purchase our life time access. We will invite you to access Trendpeek. 

It is a protection for Altcoins against Bitcoin Dominance. When Bitcoin Dominance starts uptrend, it generates sell signal to exit Altcoin markets.

Trendpeek can be used for all markets, timeframes, and trading pairs.

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